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Garden in a Bucket

Nothing tastes quite as good as a fresh, sun-ripened tomato. Not in the mood or have the time to dig up a plot in your yard to plant a garden? At Keets Health, we believe health should be easy… and planting a tomato in a pot is!

Just follow these steps from Bonnie plants:

  1. Pick a good spot (one that gets six hours of sun)
  2. Choose which type of tomato you want to grow… look for determinate varieties (those are the types that grow into manageable bushes, not small shrubs that could be 5′ tall!)
  3. Find the right pot: 18″ diameter or one that is 15-20 gallons should suffice
  4. Use good quality potting soil
  5. Plant your tomato plant so only top 1/3 is above the soil. This will promote root growth
  6. Add a tomato cage to support your plant as it grows
  7. Cover the top of your soil with mulch to keep it moist (you can even have your kids shred newspaper to help in the effort)
  8. Water regularly… soil should be moist, not saturated
  9. Feed your plants with fertilizer (you can even make your own:
  10. Enjoy your beautiful tomatoes!

For the full details see:

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